Donaldson Plastic Surgery Debrief


One of the greatest feelings is seeing your work on display, even better is seeing your work on display in the presence of those who also appreciate it. Our latest project was furnishing in part the offices of Donaldson Plastic Surgery. The space is absolutely gorgeous. As furniture makers, we were a small part of a group of architects, contractors, interior designers, retail designers, and furniture dealers that made this space come to life.

Our point person on this project was Ed Stange. Below is a brief exchange between Ed and I. We could see his contagious excitement all the way through the project. There are undoubtedly obstacles and challenges throughout every project, but the way he combed over each detail and rolled with all the punches says so much about him and his role at Donaldson.

Needless to say, we really enjoyed this one! Well done Donaldson team! (and King Business Interiors and TENFOLD and WSA Studios).

Ed, can you run me through your role at Donaldson? 

Absolutely! My role at the practice is primarily to help our team be successful in our efforts to care for our patients. This includes overseeing operations, IT, HR, finance, and maintaining relationships with all of our partners. I also have the privilege of talking with our patients before and after procedures to assist them in their journey with our practice.

When did you start the design process for your new space?

Dr. Donaldson has been thinking about our new space for years but the process really started when we discovered the location in Historic Dublin about 12 months ago. Our design team was led by WSA Studios in partnership with our contractor Brackett Builders in a design assist capacity. We then recruited TENFOLD, A Carpenter’s Son, and King Business Interiors to bring the entire vision to life.

How did you go about choosing the partners for the design? What was it about them that won you over?

This was the first build project that anyone on our team has ever done and there is no manual (that I found) on how to go about selecting partners. We were looking for teams that understood our company, our vision, and shared our values. I have been told that the construction triangle is schedule, budget, and quality with the owner only able to achieve two of the three. I wanted to break that mold and achieve all three. I believe we were able to do that by building a rockstar team of collaborative, creative, and resourceful partners that went above and beyond to deliver the space.  

What feeling did/do you want the space to evoke?

Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics services are a very personal experience. Our patients come to us to discuss insecurities, dislikes, and/or enhancements that they want to pursue on their body and we want them to know right away that they are in a safe, welcoming, and clean environment.

What surprised you the most? 

The number of surprises…

                More seriously, I think the biggest surprise was how quickly the space transforms and the incredible number of decisions that get made along the way. You have to be deeply involved at each step because small changes can cause dramatic ripple effects.

What are some of your favorite aspects of the space now that it is complete?

  I am absolutely in love with how everything goes together. We held a design summit with our partners in February where we reviewed samples of finishes, stains, paints, fabrics, wallcoverings, and designs to ensure we were aligned. I am so thankful for that meeting because it led to the beautiful space.

Anything else you would like to add?

It is difficult to fully express my appreciation for every partner we worked with on the project, especially A Carpenter’s Son. So many of your pieces just brought the space together and added beauty, simplicity, and warmth. I find myself continually looking around for more opportunities to involve the team.

We are grateful to Ed and Dr. Donaldson for trusting us with the opportunity to help bring their space to life. As we continue to grow as a company, our relationships with other businesses in the community are proving to be our greatest asset. Working with architects, designers, contractors, and business owners is a lot of work, but when it clicks, it is a beautiful sight, Donaldson Plastic Surgery is a great example.

Josh Scheutzow revealing our 14’ live edge double waterfall piece to Ed Stange.

Josh Scheutzow revealing our 14’ live edge double waterfall piece to Ed Stange.

Hans securing the pay load.

Hans securing the pay load.

Josh Scheutzow