A Family Business

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Welcome to our blog! Josh and I are very excited to have our website (finally) up and running... and so are the kiddos. We've had so much fun posting short snippets about our business and lives on Instagram we thought we would start a blog. It has been great to hear from many friends, family and even some fans. We hope our blog is another vehicle to showcase more of our work, share "Families of the Month" stories, brag about the adventures of the Scheutzow/Busch crew, but most importantly - hear from you. A Carpenter's Son was quite literally started as a family company with the purpose of growing that family through adoption. We are proud of why our company started, the work we've done to get here and what the future holds for our families and yours. 

I hope you will follow us, support us and join in on the conversation.  


Josh Scheutzow